Update on Ronbus Ripple Paddles

On June 3, 2024, we received the news from USA Pickleball that the originally approved Ronbus Ripple paddles are being delisted. USA Pickleball has retroactively developed and used the PBCoR (Pickleball Coefficient of Restitution) test on paddles whose power performance exceeds the normal range. The PBCoR test was used to screen candidates for follow-up, not for pass/fail testing. The Ronbus Ripple paddles were the top outliers in the PBCoR test.  

With an upcoming release anticipated, the Ripple was set to become the most powerful paddle on the market due to its unique internal structure and proprietary materials. After spending significant time and resources on the development of this paddle, this recent decision is certainly a set-back. However, we respect the decision of USA Pickleball and will continue to work with them as pickleball’s governing body. Ronbus will persevere as a science driven company that strives to push the boundaries in the pickleball world through innovative technology. 

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